Scale affordably, drive systemic change.

Goodwork is a Canadian-based remote recruiting agency that connects businesses owners with remote talent from emerging economies.

Our rigorous recruitment process and commitment to ethical hiring ensures great remote talent for businesses, at 3-6x less than domestic talent rates. Most roles under USD$5/hour. Our mission: financial independence for 1M women from underemployed regions. 💻🌏✊🏾

USD$2,000 per hire. Quality guaranteed, or your money back.

We help modern companies build great remote teams.

Vetted talent matched to your unique business goals

We recruit and vet thousands of female remote workers for their skills, communication and attitude. Only the top 5% are invited into our talent pool, with experience levels ranging from fresh grads to director-level.

A Goodwork talent acquisition specialist will discover your unique business needs and match you with candidates that are a good fit.

Some of the latest remote roles we've placed: Director of Marketing, Product Designer, Financial Controller, Electrical Project Manager, Google Ads Specialist, BI Analyst, Operations & Admin Associate, QA Analyst, Influencer & Affiliate Coordinator, Video & Podcast Editor, Legal Assistant, eCommerce Logistics Administrator, Outbound BDR (email), Customer Success Associate, Email Newsletter Copywriter, B2B SEO Specialist, Enterprise Content Marketer.

Ethically affordable

We are on a mission to help one million females in underemployed regions gain financial independence. We source exclusively from educated-but-underemployed female labor pools, in countries where the US dollar goes furthest.

Why the focus on women? Global development studies repeatedly show that when you put money in women's hands, the impacts to child health & education, family security and community development are significantly better, versus men.

We check benchmarks and ensure each job pays within the top 10% for a similar job in that region.

No markups

Goodwork does not markup salaries, or charge any on-going transaction fees.

Once you choose your hire, you pay a one-time fee, and that's it.

No middlemen

Once you make your hire, you continue the relationship directly with them.

No platform-lock in or any ongoing commitment with us. 

Quality guarantee

New hire not working out? With Goodwork it's rare, but hey, sometimes it happens!

We'll replace your hire for free up to a month after they begin.

Concierge support

Never hired before? Don't have an interview process? Questions about contracts or payments?

No problem. We'll hold your hand each step of the way.

Businesses love Goodwork to grow their teams


Goodwork is the secret sauce. Where else can you affordably scale your team? Plus the workers are AMAZING. It’s a no-brainer. You won’t regret it and will likely use them again and again.”

– Dr. Ted Chung (BSc, ND), Owner, Clearview Health Clinic


"Goodwork is a game changer. Our first hire has been exceptional. For the price, it's unbelievable value, and the social impact piece is definitely a cherry on top. This platform will be a critical part of our firm's hiring strategy moving forward."

– Shayan Rashid, Partner, SRJ Chartered Accountants


"I've found a perfect remote employee to help grow my food blog. I love that, through Goodwork, I can help support women while also investing in my business. Thank you so much for all this, I could not be more excited!"

– Ann Otis, CEO, Our Happy Mess


"Really satisfied with the service. We made our very first hire with Goodwork and can't be happier with the process and outcome. We're expanding to new regions because of this hire, and hopefully we'll be able to hire another teammate (through Goodwork, obvi) before long!

– Paul Punnoose, CEO, Friendly Home Buyers

Frequently asked questions

How does Goodwork work?

If you're a business, simply fill out a 2-minute talent request form describing your hiring needs. A Talent Acquisition Specialist will be in touch and will design a hiring process for the role(s) you're looking for. We'll post the job within our vetted talent community, as well as externally, and provide you a shortlist of the top candidates within a week. You can then interview these candidates and make a selection.

How much does it cost?

Goodwork charges a flat USD$2,000 fee for a white-glove recruiting campaign. This includes one hire from that campaign. We manage a rigorous recruiting process, end-to-end, to ensure you get the best talent for the position. For any additional hire (for the same position) that comes from that campaign, we charge an additional USD$500/hire.

Each recruiting campaign comes with a two-fold satisfaction guarantee. 1) If you're not fully satisfied with your initial applicant shortlist, Goodwork will take your feedback and source new applicants. Or, you can opt for a 100% refund. 2) After you make your hire, if for any reason they're not a good fit within the first 30 days of their start date, we'll replace them with an applicant who's a better fit.

What kinds of roles can I hire for?

Sky's the limit! From entry-level to senior, across operations, sales, marketing and finance. Even executive assistants. If there's a position you can think of, there's a good chance we can recruit for it.

Here are some actual remote positions we've staffed:

Does my hire work in my timezone?

It's up to you! When your Talent Acquisition Specialist gathers your requirements, that's one of the things they ask about. Workers in the regions we source from are used to working in remote-friendly time zones. If that's important to you, we'll only shortlist candidates that are happy to work during your business hours.

How do I pay someone I hire?

We recommend Wise for cross-border payments. It's easy to set up, and secure. Your Talent Acquisition Specialist can walk you through setup.

I have no experience with hiring. Can you help me?

For sure! Your Talent Acquisition Specialist can provide as much or as little support as you need. From interview funnel design, to interviewing best practices, scorecards for you and/or your hiring team to use, as well as sample contracts to use for your hire. We've got your back, and will help ensure the hiring experience you provide to your candidates is a great one.

Can Goodwork integrate into my business's existing hiring tools and processes?

Yep! We can integrate into your existing hiring process, and send shortlisted applicants directly to your HR recruiting software.

These wages are very cheap. Is this legit?

Absolutely! We source directly from regions where women face cultural or systemic barriers to employment, where the USD dollar goes furthest. For each job we post, we do a comparative review against similar roles in those regions. We want to provide great working experiences for our talent community, and so we ensure that employers hiring via Goodwork are paying at the top 10%. Even then, salaries are typically under $5/hour. For more senior or technical roles, it might be a little higher.

What if it doesn't work out with my hire?

If, within the first month of employment, you find out that your hire is not a good fit, just let your Talent Acquisition Specialist know. While we try to ensure your job's hiring process will filter out anyone who isn't a good fit, we understand that there can be complications once someone begins work. We'll find a replacement hire that fits better, for free, to ensure you and your business are happy.

How much of a cut does Goodwork take?

Goodwork takes no cut from the salaries of new hires. We are on a mission to financially empower women in the global majority. Our revenue comes from a one-time finder's fee on successful placements.

Any other questions?

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